7+ 2 online classrooms teachers can use to augment their own classroom

July 4, 2012
Although ‘cutting edge’ teachers have been doing it for years, new and improved technology has made flipping your classroom a buzzing topic. Maybe you haven’t had the time to create your own instructional videos or perhaps you still haven’t found the time to even think about finding the time to create your own videos.
First, it’s important to realize that flipping does not just mean videos; however, the following articles identify useful links to existing online educational content- instructional videos. One tool the first article did not mention is iTunes U and the new Ted-Ed so I am adding them here as +2.
In the article you will find links to sites with online video lectures on a wide variety of topics. Imagine assigning one of these lectures as homework and spending your class time focusing on application of the material and answering student questions.

Seven Online Classrooms Teachers Can Use to Augment Their Own


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