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7+ 2 online classrooms teachers can use to augment their own classroom

July 4, 2012
Although ‘cutting edge’ teachers have been doing it for years, new and improved technology has made flipping your classroom a buzzing topic. Maybe you haven’t had the time to create your own instructional videos or perhaps you still haven’t found the time to even think about finding the time to create your own videos.
First, it’s important to realize that flipping does not just mean videos; however, the following articles identify useful links to existing online educational content- instructional videos. One tool the first article did not mention is iTunes U and the new Ted-Ed so I am adding them here as +2.
In the article you will find links to sites with online video lectures on a wide variety of topics. Imagine assigning one of these lectures as homework and spending your class time focusing on application of the material and answering student questions.

Seven Online Classrooms Teachers Can Use to Augment Their Own


Why am I teaching this way?

October 4, 2010

The time has come for a change in education.

I don’t mean a political change which generally equates to funding and mandates.

I don’t mean a program change which generally equates to teaching the same thing in a different way.

I mean a radical philosophical change in the way we educate students today. While we are no longer preparing students for a industrial society and the new buzzword is 21st century skills, the way we educate students has yet to change. What has changed is accountability in learning. We assess and assess and assess. But the heart of education is not assessment, but instruction.

Let’s embrace the 21st century by changing the way we instruct. Let’s teach the way we want students to learn!


New School Year- Back to Blogging

September 28, 2010

As the primary trouble shooter and computer repair person at my school who is in the midst of the roll out of a new student management system it seems like the the dust is beginning to settle and I am now ready for the start of school. That is, I am finally getting to the place I should have been a month ago. With this being said I renew my focus to this blog that I began with good intentions last spring. Off to write a real post.


Using Images from the Web- Licensing

May 10, 2010

I just finished reading Tammy Worcester’s Tech Tip of the Week about licensed images from the web . She had 2 great resources for teachers and students that allow you to search by type of license. The first searches flickr pages and the other is a more general search. These are the next generation of image search tools that Google should take a note from. What a great way to keep students aware of copyright while image searching! Brilliant!


Should we be integrating technology?

May 4, 2010

I’ve recently read Chris Lehmann’s and David Warlick’s blogs about integrating technology. As a technology resource teacher, I am constantly preaching to teachers to integrate technology into their curriculum in a variety of ways for a variety of purposes. But after reading this article from TechLearning ( I am beginning to change the way I think. I want to focus less on learning how to integrate technology and focus more on how technology helps us learn how to learn. Over the summer, I will be devising ways to make technology in education more, “like oxygen – ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible.” (Chris Lehmann,